5 Reasons You Should Buy From This Website

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The savings

Whatever quantity you order, you will always save 20% of the face value.

Stamps can be bought by packs of 0,85$1,20$ and 2,50$ face value. Comparing to a stamp printer, you save up on the machine maintenance, ink cartridge and stamps postage price.


Pre-made stamps combinaisons

The combination of several stamps makes it possible to have the current postage rate. We have you covered on the preparation of the stamps combinaisons.


Be unique, stand out !

Personalized letters by themes have an impact on your customers. We have a wide variety of stamps in stock. If you’re looking for a specific stamp of a particular theme, we can certainly satisfy your demand (Hockey, aviation, art, etc.). For more information, please contact us.


Free shipping

Save up on the shipping fee. We ship our stamps to the chosen address free of charge for orders over 200$.


More services !

Our firm, MTM International, offers to stick the stamps on your envelope for 5% of the original discount. For more information, please contact us.

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